laser esthetics education center



laser esthetics education center

Learn About the Latest Techniques and Innovations

The rapidly evolving medical, wellness, and beauty industries have become so popular thanks to the big technical leaps made in recent years in the field of cosmetic laser procedures. If you are looking for a career in any of these highly competitive fields, it would be advantageous to learn new skills and techniques crucial to your success. Enroll in our training program at Laser Esthetics Education Centre in London, ON!

laser esthetics education center

Get Certified

Earn the certificate that you need to be able to practice your trade in the medical, wellness, or beauty industry as a full-fledged professional. Complete a training program and qualify for employment and career advancement.

Start a New Career
laser esthetics education center

Qualify for Financing

Invest in a training program that can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and industry advantage that you need to enjoy career success. We help students find sources of funding, educational loan providers, and access to government financing programs.

Find Solutions
laser esthetics education center

Acquire New Skills

Learn new techniques from seasoned industry professionals in our training program. We help you acquire skills that give you the competitive edge. Level up with technical innovations that allow you to evolve into an industry game-changer.

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Mentoring From Accomplished Industry Pros

Get helpful tips and pointers from seasoned professionals. Learn valuable lessons from the masters and discover a whole new world of career possibilities!

800 Hours of Hands on Training and Clinical Practice Over 28 Weeks

At Laser Esthetics Education Centre, the learning atmosphere  allows you to focus keenly on how to master the skills that you need to succeed, compete, and prevail in an industry setting that demands proficiency and technical precision. Acquire a professional level of cosmetic laser skills through 400 hours of hands on practice.

Learn the Top 5 Esthetic Procedures

Take the winning position and create a career path along the industry’s most in-demand procedures. Learn everything that you need to know about laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, fractional resurfacing and skin tightening.

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Find out more about the learning environment we purvey at Laser Esthetics Education Centre. Get in touch with us to schedule a facility tour.

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